MATLAB: Generate a triangle from a set of specified set variables.

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I need to generate a triangle that will be able to be user controlled with input length of base in pixels and both base angles in degrees.
sides = 3;
t = (1/(2*sides):1/(sides):1)*2*pi-pi/3;
x = x_size*sin(t);
y = x_size*cos(t);
axis square;
this is the code I used.

Best Answer

  • See this snippet. Adapt as you see fit:
    % Ask user for two floating point numbers.
    defaultValue = {'45.67', '18.91'};
    titleBar = 'Enter a value';
    userPrompt = {'Enter Angle 1 : ', 'Enter Angle 2: '};
    caUserInput = inputdlg(userPrompt, titleBar, 1, defaultValue);
    if isempty(caUserInput),return,end; % Bail out if they clicked Cancel.
    % Convert to floating point from string.
    usersValue1 = str2double(caUserInput{1})
    usersValue2 = str2double(caUserInput{2})
    % Check for a valid number.
    if isnan(usersValue1)
    % They didn't enter a number.
    % They clicked Cancel, or entered a character, symbols, or something else not allowed.
    % Convert the default from a string and stick that into usersValue1.
    usersValue1 = str2double(defaultValue{1});
    message = sprintf('I said it had to be a number.\nI will use %.2f and continue.', usersValue1);