MATLAB: Geographic coordinate to Image coordinate

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I have images which are extracted from google earth and I would like to transform geography coordinate to simple image coordinate (x,y) of some point. I have four corner point coordinates of image. The point which I transform is 16 48 36.49 N, 96 7 0.82. What should I do and What are useful methods?

Best Answer

  • You should use the georasterref function to create geographic raster reference object. For example,
    R = georasterref('LatitudeLimits', [27 28], 'LongitudeLimits', [86 87],'RasterSize', [121 121])
    The raster size is your image size. The documentation for georasterref can be found here.
    Then you can use the function geographicToIntrinsic to obtain the intrinsic coordinates. The function can be called as,
    [xIntrinsic, yIntrinsic] = geographicToIntrinsic(R,lat, lon)
    The documentation for geographicToIntrinsic is found here