MATLAB: GET request with body

MATLABrestfulweb request

Is it possible to send a GET request that includes a body in the RequestMessage?
I've tried the following code
request = RequestMessage;
request.Body = MessageBody;
request.Body.Data = struct('Name1', 'value1', 'Name2', 'value2');
request.Method = 'get';
uri = URI('');
[response, completedReq, history] = send(request, uri);
Every time I try this, I get the following response:
Warning: Body unexpected in message using request method GET.
Despite this just being a warning, my web request seems to never even send. Suppressing warnings by doing warnings('off') didn't make a difference.
Additionally, I have tried using webread and webwrite instead of send, but have not had any luck there as well.
Any ideas on how to get this working?

Best Answer

  • As per my knowledge a request message containing a Body property normally uses a method such as 'PUT' or 'POST. But this is not something which is enforced. Try using POST or PUT and see if it works.