MATLAB: Do I get the error ‘Could not find version 7.15 of MCR’ when running a Windows standalone application built with MATLAB Compiler 4.15 (R2011a)

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I have installed the MCR on my Windows machine, but when I double click to run the standalone executable I get the following error:

Best Answer

  • Edit the PATH environment variable so the MCR has been properly added to the system search directory. If you open a DOS command prompt in Windows, you can execute the following to see the PATH environment variable:
    > set PATH
    For MATLAB R2011a 64-bit MCR, the default location of the MCR will look like this:
    C:\Program Files\MATLAB\MATLAB Compiler Runtime\v715\runtime\win64;
    If you have installed the MCR somewhere else, it will be in:
    The term mcrroot stands for the installation path of the MCR and $arch stands for the architecture of the computer. For windows, the values of $arch will be win32 or win64.