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Hi everyone,
I would like to buy an iMac mounting an NVIDIA GeForce GT 755M board, but I am not sure if this hardware meets the Matlab requirements for GPU computing.
On the Mathworks website it is stated that "CUDA-enabled NVIDIA GPU with compute capability" is required.
On the NVIDIA website ( ) the above mentioned board is not reported, but in the product page ( ) CUDA technology is mentioned.
Does anybody have experience with GPU computing on iMac? Is it possible and effective?
Thanks in advance

Best Answer

  • Hi Fabio,
    I understand that you are interested in whether or not an iMac device with an NVIDIA GeForce GT 755M board will support GPU computing in MATLAB.
    You can accomplish GPU computing in MATLAB on a Mac device. As stated in the MathWorks Choosing Hardware documentation page , "the Parallel Computing Toolbox leverages NVIDIA GPUs with compute capability of 2.0 or higher." Besides the NVIDIA GPU, the other requirement is simply the latest CUDA driver.
    Since the NVIDIA GeForce GT 755M product page states that it supports CUDA, and since the card is reported to have a compute capability of 3.0, it should be able to handle GPU computing with MATLAB. You are right that it is not reported on the NVIDIA page, but the GT 750M is reported on there with positive specs, and the GT 755M is a comparable and equally popular NVIDIA card.
    I hope this helps.
    Matt Cohen