MATLAB: Greek letter on plotting cut off on Mac version 10.10.3

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Hello all!
My problem is that my greek characters are being truncated when I try to use them in x- & y-axis labels. For example, the code:
ylabel('\phi ','FontSize',14) or text(2.3,-0.13,'\Phi','FontSize',12,'fontWeight','bold') produces a y-axis label that looks like a lower-case phi that has been cut in half. Has anyone encountered this problem before, or can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!
I am using Mac version 10.10.3 and Matlab 2014a

Best Answer

  • I am not encountering that problem with R2014a on OS-X 10.10.3 (the same setup you are using.) What I am seeing is a fairly closed lowercase phi when \phi is used, and an regular but not-pretty uppercase phi when \Phi is used.
    Have you considered switching to LaTeX instead of TeX? The characters are nicer. See
    Interestingly I just found that if I had used ylabel() with 'interpreter' 'latex' and then I do a second ylabel (without having erased the graphics) without specifying the interpreter, that it continues to try to use latex and I have to specifically say 'interpreter', 'tex' to get it to switch.