MATLAB: Grid with different distances in the axes


Hello, I want to program a grid in Matlab with different distances in the axes, I have only found information to make equidistant lines, but I don't want that, I want the result to be like this image that i take from AutoCAD, could you help me.The distances are different since it is a cartographic projection, I have as data the corners of the grid in degrees minutes and seconds, so I calculate de coordinates where the lines should be draw.

Best Answer

  • Hello!
    In MATLAB plots, the grid lines fall where the ticks are on the axes.
    You can provide custom locations for x and y ticks using code like this:
    xticks([1.543 3.543 6.887, 8.5324]);
    yticks([1.354 4.654 7.432 9.432]);
    grid on;
    Then when you turn on the grid, the grid lines will be drawn on the x and y locations you specified.