MATLAB: Has anyone been offered this before? If so, what are they saying they would essentially program for me

advertisementprogrammer for hire

Hello, Greetings from [www Matlabers dot xyz] … This is an offer that brings solutions for your Matlab Code problems + A FREE customized training that will serve and support your programming tasks in Matlab.
Is it legit? The website looked slightly off.

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  • Hmmm, the phone number is written as if it is international country code 6, but there is no country code 6. The phone number is a cell phone in Malaysia. The map shows a location in Malaysia.

    The only thing I can find about them is material they themselves have written.

    They are not necessarily frauds; they are not necessarily programming mills that will program anything (e.g., cheat for students) -- but they have no reputation as yet.

    If the message arrived via email, then I would follow The Boulder Pledge

    "Under no circumstances will I ever purchase anything offered to me as the result of an unsolicited e-mail message. Nor will I forward chain letters, petitions, mass mailings, or virus warnings to large numbers of others. This is my contribution to the survival of the online community."