MATLAB: Have a .mat file in the Work space and i need to view the image in it

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Hello , I have .mat file in the Work space which contains the Image data. I need to view the image in it. Let me know how this is done. I need to extract the image and display this image in MATLAB GUI.
Looking forward to hear from you at the earliest.
Thanks Pankaja

Best Answer

  • .mat files always contain named variables, not just pure data. There may be several variables in one .mat. We do not know which variable to load (you did not specify), so we will assume that the first variable in the list is the one to load. If there is only one variable then it would be the first.
    datastruct = load('TheFileNameHere.mat');
    varnames = fieldnames(datastruct);
    var_to_load = varnames{1};
    imagedata = datastruct.(var_to_load); %pull out the data for that variable
    imagesc(imagedata); %view it