MATLAB: Do I have a Syntax Error


Why is this incorrect? how do I correct this?
BuyMatrix=(k,idx(i)) (k,p(idx(i)));
Error: File: pairstrading.m Line: 204 Column: 34 Expression or statement is incorrect–possibly unbalanced (, {, or [.
all variables are correctly specified as far as i know
just a problem with syntax and brackets

Best Answer

  • What are you trying to do; access a portion of BuyMatrix, or set BuyMatrix to be a matrix? The former would be accomplished with;
    BuyMatrix(k,idx(i)) = ...;
    The later would be done with;
    BuyMatrix = <actual matrix expression>;
    Matlab doesn't really know what to do with an expression of the type;
    Just type that in and you'll get the same error. This isn't a vector ([1,2]), and it's not telling us to access row 1, col 2 of a matrix, nor does it correspond to any other command, hence the error.