MATLAB: Help on third order solution of differential equations

differential equationsthird order solution

I have a set of non linear differential equations like: dx11/dt=a*x11+b*x12+g*x11*x12 dx12/dt=c*x12+d*x11+f*x12*x11 I want to solve for x11; x12. a, b, c, d, f,and are constants. I know that Ode 45 can do it; but I want just to see the third order solution the x11 of order (3) and x12 of order 3 does anyone know how to write a simple code for that thank you very much

Best Answer

  • If you are hoping to find the symbolic form for x11 and x12, Sorry, there is no simple code that will produce a readable solution. You could try using dsolve() if you have the symbolic toolbox, but it is going to give you essentially recursive solutions if it can solve it at all.