MATLAB: How can I change series of data into time series data

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I have data series that ranges from 7.334894375000000e+05 to 7.340144791666666e+05 which comprises 24273 data. The data covers 525 days which is recorded approximately 0.46 hrs. I want to plot this data as time series of month and day. can you help me with that? The commencement day of recording is 15-03-2008. How can I edit the plot so that I will have mm/dd on the x-axis?
Any help is appreciated.

Best Answer

  • You can use the datestr function to convert between a numerical representation and a date representation.
    To find the first date from 15-03-2008, you can use datenum to determine the corresponding number.
    To convert the data to match a 0.46 hour sample time, you could try the linspace command, assuming your data is evenly distributed.