MATLAB: How can i edit the correct answer in matlab forum


Dear All
Suppose you ask the question at this forum and two person will answers to your question.But mistakenly you accept the wrong answer(i means, answer which is not explained your question much as compare to other) as "ACCEPTED ANSWER" while the other is correct once.My question is how can i correct this mistake?and give vote to person who have really helped you.Is there any way to edit your mistake?

Best Answer

  • There is no way to "Un-answer" right now. Strangely I've seen just two questions with two answers marked as "Accepted" - I don't know how that could happen, but it did. Anyway, the best you can do is to vote for the better answer. Or if the one you mistakenly accepted is totally wrong, you can ask the answerer if it's okay if you delete their answer and one of the editors on the forum can delete that answer completely so that it totally vanishes. And if you want to give the answerer 4 points instead of 2, you can BOTH vote for, and accept, their answer.