MATLAB: ¿how can I show a matrix of type -cell- in a msgbox

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I annoy them with another great concern that I have. I'm doing a program in which we must show matrices with numeric and non-numeric characters (letters); I am putting these matrices in matrixes of the cell type. What I want is to show these matrices in messages – msgbox -, and try to put them directly (as would be done with a numeric matrix type double) but I get errors, and try making use of several commands like -str2double- and several more, but not I get the matrix to appear in an organized and neat way. Could someone help me with this matter?
I leave a piece of the code, this piece contains one of my matrices that I want to show in -msgbox –
Note: My arrays are not of constant dimensions.
for f=1:NP
[Pos_GL_Y1] = find( NodosT (:,2) == NodosT1(f,1) );
[Minx_piso,Pminx]= min( NodosT( Pos_GL_Y1,1 ) );
Zi (:,f) = abs( Coe_par(f,1) )* M_Sd(f,1); % desplazamientos
Zi_c (:, f) = [ num2cell( Zi (:,f) ) ; ['Mod',num2str(f)] ] ;
Yp(1:NP, f)= Modos (:,f)*Zi(1,f);
Yp(f, 4)= NodosT ( Pos_GL_Y1 (Pminx,1) , 3 );
Yp_c (:, f) = [ num2cell(Yp(1:NP, f)) ; ['Mod',num2str(f)] ] ;
Yp_c {f, NP+1} = ['U ',num2str( NodosT ( Pos_GL_Y1 (Pminx,1) , 3 ) )] ;
menospiso=menospiso+1; % BORRAR
As shown in the image, I want my matrix "Yp_c" to be seen in a msgboxmsgbox.
Thank you very much for your help.

Best Answer

  • I understood your problem, but I dont know the axact value of matrix 'Yp_c' because it is not properly visible in your questions.
    So I took reference of another matrix 'Ys_c' (7 by 4) and creaetd logic here for you.
    So you can apply this logic to your matrix by replacing it with actual values.
    See attached code... You can modify it as per your requirement.. Thanksss..