MATLAB: How can I take a global variable declared in a program, take it in a function, change its value inside the fuction and give it again to the program as global

global variables

Hi! I have the following Problem: I have a variable declared in my program, whose value I want to Change in a function and then return it to the program as global, so that when I call the function again the value stored in there is the one I calculated the last time within the function. If anyone could help me, please…

Best Answer

  • You don't need to pass global variables anywhere.
    You just keep putting
    global myVariable
    within any scope in which you wish to use it.
    That said, it is terrible programming technique to use global variables. Just do something like:
    value = doSomething( value );
    in your main program with a normal (non-global) variable passed into a function and then passed out again after being updated. There are other techniques too, but that is probably the simplest.
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