MATLAB: How do i plot this


x(t)=summation(k=1)^infinity . [(-1)]^(k-1).(2A/k.pi).sin(k.pi.t)

Best Answer

  • What is A?
    Try this:
    function x = inf_sum(t,A)
    k = 1:200;
    [k,t] = meshgrid(k,t);
    x = ((-1).^(k-1).*((2*A)./(k*pi)).*sin(k.*pi.*t));
    x = sum(x,2);
    Then from the command-line you do this:
    A = 4;
    t = 0:.1:10;
    I have a feeling, however, that your A is a Fourier Coefficient, thought you seem to leave no confirmation of this. If that is true you will also need to calculate A in the function.