MATLAB: How should i plot these data


hey should I plot these data in maltba???? as long as every row's data with specific number shoud have specific color.
for example : the datas with rows number 10 should have same color
the datas with rows number 9 should have same color
an excel file is attached.

Best Answer

  • data = xlsread('Book1.xlsx') ;
    x = data(:,1) ;
    y = data(:,2) ;
    plot(x, y); % a basic monochrome plot
    % Trick surface into a 2-D plot
    surface('XData', [x x], ... % N.B. XYZC Data must have at least 2 cols
    'YData', [y y], ...
    'ZData', zeros(numel(x),2), ...
    'CData', [y y], ...
    'FaceColor', 'none', ...
    'EdgeColor', 'interp', ...
    'Marker', 'none');