MATLAB: How should I write a value such as “0.9 micromolar^-1.sec^-1” in the code


Okay, so my question is if I have a value such as 0.9 micromolar^-1.sec^-1. How should I enter this value in the code.
Which of these is the correct one?
v = 0.9e-6
v = 0.9e6

Best Answer

  • Matlab does not keep track of the unit. It's up to you to enter your value in the correct unit according to the calculation that use it.
    So, to answer your question: it depends on what unit the following calculation expect. If the calculation expects the value in micromolar^-1 * sec^-1, then
    v = 0.9
    is correct. If your calculation expects molar^-1 * sec^-1, then
    v = 0.9 / 1e-6
    is correct. If it's expecting something else, then something else is correct.