MATLAB: How to access the ‘Getting Started’ videos from the MATLAB documentation menu


I am having trouble finding or accessing the 'Getting Started' video links within the Documentation menu inside MATLAB. How can I access them?

Best Answer

  • The 'Getting Started' videos are also available in the documentation available from your MathWorks account at See the following link:
    For other toolboxes, use the 'Search Documentation' bar at the above website. This will search the documentation for the most recently release of MATLAB that is available to you via the licenses in your MathWorks account.
    If you would like to view the documentation for a previous release, click 'All Products' on the left side of the page, then select 'Other releases' below the 'All Products' link after the page refreshes.
    Please note, MathWorks has not published 'Getting Started' videos for every existing product. If there is no video link on the 'Getting Started' page for a particular toolbox on the Documentation website, then no video is available at this time.
    If you need further assistance with MATLAB or other toolboxes, please contact MATLAB support, and provide your MATLAB license number. For contact information, see this link: