MATLAB: How to avoid setting of local directory as search path on startup

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I used to use R2011 and before. I just installed R2013a. Now I have a little problem with my configuration: The directory I start matlab from gets added to the search path (recursively).
This is mad, since I have different projects in subfolders. I have to manually delete all dirs from search path before I can begin to work. This also results in BIG trouble if I start matlab from my home directory. Here a few thounds of dirs get added, whch take quite a bit of time to be first added and then manually (!) deleted.
How can I set up martlab to avoid adding the local dir to the search path?
I have two installations both with the same issue, so I think this is the default for now ?!?
Thank Christian Wolf

Best Answer

  • I've got it! The problem was that I added sdpt3 to my path. There is a startup.m file that caused the problems. After a small change in that file to disable the change of path not more issue.
    Thanks Christian