MATLAB: How to call multiple functions that connected each other with a single GUI push button

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I have this m.file. It links to 4 function file.
How to write the code under push button GUI, so that it will process a '1.wav' file, then play and store it as '1_ace_8.wav'?
clc;clear;close all;
[y, fs] = audioReadNCU();
[y, fs] = wavToPreprocWav(y, fs);
band = wavToElectrode(y, fs);
y = electrodeToWav(band, fs);
sound(y, fs);

Best Answer

  • Just put everything you want to happen in a single function.
    And stop with the habit of including clc,clear all,close all. You obviously are not thinking about what that does, so don't include it.