MATLAB: How to change [jul15,jul16,jul17] to [7.15,7.16,7.17]


Hello, so I have a vertical array of imported excel data that are in the format "Jul15, Jul16, Jul17, etc…" I would like to know how to change every element to its respective date in number format ("7.15, I think that one way to approach this would be to first insert a space after the third character, then it would be easier to manipulate

Best Answer

  • No need to insert spaces, just specify the correct format strings:
    x = ['Jul15'; 'Jul16'; 'Aug06'; 'Dec24'];
    newx = datestr(datevec(x, 'mmmdd'), 'mm.dd')
    Note that your new format is actually worse than the original as it is ambiguous as to which number is the month and which is the day (is it 8th of june or 6th of august?)