MATLAB: How to change line specifications for frequency response


Hi everybody,
I would like to plot a response to an initial condition in the frequency domain such as:
However, even though I can change the graph color, I can not change the line type or line width and get the following error: "Invalid syntax for time or frequency response command."
Does anybody know how to adapt plot specifications?
Thank you in advance!

Best Answer

  • The Control System Toolbox and System Identification Toolbox graphics functions do not generally allow you alter their properties.
    The easiest work-around is to get the outputs of the functions and plot them yourself in ordinary plot (or subplot) calls:
    [y,t,x] = initial(G1, initial_state);
    plot(t, y, t, zeros(numel(t),1),':')
    You can do everything with that plot that you can do with any other plot object.