MATLAB: How to choose a model depending on the highest value of coefficient of determination in Matlab

choose the corresponding model of the highest value of coefficient

I have a cell array which has many models and a double array which has the values of their coefficient of determination. I can specify the highest value of the coefficient. However, how can I choose the corresponding model for the highest value automatically?
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Best Answer

  • Hi Nasir,
    Assuming that you have a cell array 'cModels' and a double array 'rSquare' containing the coefficients of determination for the corresponding models in 'cModels', you can use 'find' function as explained below:
    function [model] = returnModel(cModels, rSquare)
    ind = find(max(rSquare)==rSquare); % This finds the index of the highest/max value
    % of the coefficient of determination
    model = cModels(ind); % returns the model corresponding to the maximum coefficient
    If this is not what you are looking for, please post some more information about your data or an example of what is the desired output.