MATLAB: How to connect Sony camera to Matlab

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I need to capture live videos from a Sony HDR-CX240E camera into Matlab.
I installed the Image Acquisition Toolbox as well as following Support packages:
Image Acquisition Toolbox Support Package for DCAM Hardware / Image Acquisition Toolbox Support Package for GigE Vision Hardware / MATLAB Support Package for USB Webcams
It works with my laptop webcam, but the Sony camera doesn't show up in the "imaqtool" window. The camera is connected through USB and is recognized by the laptop as a Mass Storage.
How can i fix this problem?
Thanks for any help

Best Answer

  • If it is possible at all with that camera, then it would have to be by connecting the HDMI output to a video capture card and starting the camera streaming (with no computer control). That model does not support remote control through the USB, and the remote controls that it supports cannot be connected to a computer, and that model does not have the WiFi interface that supports PlayMemories that some of the other related models have.