MATLAB: How to connect the label region?how regionprops work


a = imread('apple.jpg');
b = rgb2gray(a);
BW = edge(b,'canny');
L = bwlabel(BW);
s = regionprops(BW,'centroid');
centroids = cat(1, s.Centroid);
hold on
plot(centroids(:,1),centroids(:,2), 'b*')
hold off
The image is just a red apple with white background.
What I want to do is to segment the apple
I want to connect label region together to form the apple again.
How to do it?
What does the regionprops doing?

Best Answer

  • The regionprops is just taking in the label matrix and calculating the centroids of each region. That does not have any apparent connection to connecting the label regions together to form the apple again.