MATLAB: How to convert level 2 s block to function

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I am trying to convert a matlab level 2 s function block into a normal function script. For that I need to understand the working of S function. Specifically, how are the differential equations being solved by Derivative call back. Is it using simulation time step as the delta-time ? what other parameters it obtains from simulation environment for these calculations. Anyone having any Idea, please help me out. Also I want my functions to be c-coder compatible, so I am unable use of 'syms' or other c-coder incompatible stuff.

Best Answer

  • Hi digvijay,
    Firstly, please go through this link to understand the concepts of how S-Function works in Simulink environment. Look at this link to understand the functionalities of different APIs used in MATLAB level 2 S-Functions. Type 'sfundemos' on your MATLAB Command prompt to look at a few demo examples on S-Functions that are shipped. These will help you get started in the right direction.
    Only the functions mentioned in this link are supported for Code Generation.
    Hope it helps, Cheers, Abhishek