MATLAB: How to create a cell array whose elements reflect a length based on a given input vector

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For example, I want to repeat the character 'b' a specified number of times based on a vector; let's say the vector is [3 2 4]. My desired output would be a 1×3 cell array with elements:
{'bbb'} {'bb'} {'bbbb'}
Ideally, I'd like to implement this without a loop. I'm sure there's some nifty Matlab function that accomplishes this, but I haven't been able to find it. repmat and repelem don't appear to be relevant for this particular application (unless I'm using them incorrectly).
Thank you.

Best Answer

  • In one line:
    >> V = [3,2,4];
    >> S = 'b';
    >> C = mat2cell(repmat(S,1,sum(V)),1,V);
    >> C{:}
    ans = bbb
    ans = bb
    ans = bbbb