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I am interested in creation of a neural network of the following type: this is prestructured network that mimics certain equation. So far i have difficulties with creation of network structure using network function for custom networks.
this is the code as i have it now (i decided to start with 3 inputs first): net=network; net.numInputs = 3; net.numLayers = 2; net.layers{1}.size = 3; net.layers{1}.initFcn = 'initnw'; net.layers{2}.size = 1; net.layers{2}.initFcn = 'initnw';
net.inputConnect(1,1)=1; net.inputConnect(1,2)=1; net.inputConnect(1,3)=1;
net.outputConnect(2) = 1;
net=init(net); view(net)
net.IW{1,1}=[1;0;0]; net.IW{1,2}=[0;1;0]; net.IW{1,3}=[0;0;1];
The problem is that view does not show the neurons and i cannot connect each of them to certain input. The other question is that in one layer i need neurons of different types (the custom activation function was already programmed). Is it possible to do? maybe it is easier to create 4 layers and connect them as i need?
Thank you in advance! All the answers are appreciated Alexandra

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  • Although shows the 3-input/4-layer network I wanted, I do not know how to tell train that there are 3 separate 1-dimensional inputs.
    Therefore, keep the 4 layers but change to one 3-dimensional input. Attach input1 to layer 1 by zeroing out the input weights for input2 and input3; Similarly, attach input2 to layer 2 by zeroing out the weights for input1 and input3; etc
    What you now want are
    1 3-dimensional input
    3 parallel hidden layers
    1 output layer
    4 biases
    1 output
    Each input component is connected to it's own hidden layer with it's
    own transfer function.
    Hope this helps.
    Thank you for formally accepting my answer