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So my teacher made this exercise on class earlier this week where you have to build a matrix only using other matrix and vector. I dont really understand it and since i have online clases im having a lot of trouble trying to get an answer from the teacher. Here is the code:
A=randi(10,[4 6]);
v=randi(10,[1 8]);
M = [[v(1,1:4); [A(1:3,1:3) A(1:3,4)]; A(:,4)'] [2;v(1,5:8)']]
I have this as answer:
M =
9 9 1 1 2
5 2 4 3 2
8 1 6 9 9
1 2 5 1 1
3 9 1 7 5
I understand that you use only certain parts of each of M and v(for example v(1, 1:4)). What i dont understand is the order you have to follow to create the matrix M because as its written I understand it as: First line of M is part of the vector v, then second line is part of (what does that mean?) of A, and then last line is a part of A again. And then, in the next bit of code you define a new column??
Thanks in advance

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