MATLAB: How to delete the duplicated rows (in a specific way)

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i have this table (size:8*6 & cells):
and i want to delete duplicated rows with saving the 6th column in the original row.
i want the answer to be (table, size(5*8) , cell):
i have a larger data this is a sample, I hope that pictures clarify the problem.

Best Answer

  • a = [text{:,1}];
    m = numel(a);
    [~,b1,c1] = unique(a,'first');
    n = ones(m,1);
    n(b1(2:end)) = 1-diff(b1);
    i1 = accumarray([c1, cumsum(n)],(1:m)',[],[],m+1);
    txt1 = [text(:,6);{''}];
    out = [text(b1,1:5),tx1(i1)];