MATLAB: How to determine what add-ons are needed to execute


Given that I have one or more .m files that I need to execute, how do I determine what add-ons are needed? I run into this problem each year when my boss asks me what add-ons we need to purchase this year.
I usually end up doing a combination of 1) and 2) 1) Try to execute the code anyway and wait for the error message telling me that I don't have an add-on. Go install the missing add-on, rinse and repeat until the code eventually executes. 2) Go through the code line by line and search every function that appears in the code, noting the add-on that the function belongs to.
Is there an easier way of figuring this out? I just need to know what components are needed to properly use a code.

Best Answer

  • In the "Current Folders" panel, look for the little down arrow on the title bar, to the right of where it says "Current Folder". Click on it and select "Reports -> Dependency Report" It will tell you what files you need. Or try these links: