MATLAB: How to divide a dataset into trials using a specific delimiter

eyetracking data

I have a dataset of eye-tracking data that looks like so:
Time X Y
192 15 NaN
499 609 519
499 608 519
. . .
. . .
. . .
1200 800 NaN
1201 750 600
. . .
. . .
. . .
2000 792 NaN
All lines between 2 consecutive NaNs correspond to a trial, I would like to create a cell array where each cell contains all the rows from one trial. Can you help me on how to procede?
Thank you

Best Answer

  • nanpos = find(isnan(YourData(:,3))]);
    nanruns = diff([1 nanpos size(Yourdata,1)]);
    blocks = cell2mat(YourData, nanruns, size(YourData,2));
    blocks( cellfun(@isempty, blocks) ) = [];
    Each of the blocks in the cell array will now start with a NaN entry, except in the case where the first entry in the array did not have a NaN, in which case the first block will include all the entries before the first NaN. Only the first block has that possibility.
    If the last entry in the array is a NaN entry then the last block will be that entry by itself. I did it this way, instead of deleting the NaN, in case the NaN entry has some useful information you want to extract.