MATLAB: How to employ ‘for’ loop for the specific problem

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My problem is this:
I have a large sample data in the form of a column matrix (the data is around 10000 data points for each object). For each value of time 't' (another column matrix), I need the corresponding value of the data: for instance, for t(1,:), I need the correspondence y(1,:).
So how do I go about writing the "code of correspondence" between these two? It's like plotting only, in a way, except I need an executable function.
I am NOT seeking something like m = [t y] which gives me a matrix of the order a*b, where a is the number of rows and b is the number of columns.

Best Answer

  • Why not just
    ? The .' is to account for the fact that in t it is the first dimension that has the colon but in y it is the second dimension that has the colon.