MATLAB: HOw to find similar pixels in 3×3 window

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Hi all, I have a question to ask,i have 3X3 window of an image such like image below. f(i,j) is center pixel ,so i want to find three most similar pixels except of center pixel in this 3X3 window,please help me regarding this. thanks

Best Answer

  • The set of pixels that are most similar to each other are the ones where (x2-x1)^2+(x3-x2)^2 is least. We can also order the pixels first because if x1<x2 and x2<x3 then x3 is less similar to x1 than x2 is to x1
    pix = f(i-1:i+1,j-1:j+1); %entire window
    pix = sort(pix(1:4,6:end)); %exclude center
    pd2 = diff(pix).^2; %difference squared
    ssq = pd2(1:end-1)+pd2(2:end); %sum of 2 squares
    [minval, minidx] = min(ssq);
    mean_wanted = mean(pix(minidx:minidx+2));