MATLAB: How to find which column in a matrix/array has a nonzero value

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I am given a matrix:
x = zeros(6,7)
which can have one random nonzero value in the sixth row and I need to be able to detect which column has this nonzero value.
I have tried to use
[row,col] = find(x)
but this does not create a "col" variable that I am able to use in an "if" statement in the function I am writing. Is there a way to find which column has this nonzero value and set the number of the column as a variable. Any help is appreciated.

Best Answer

  • column_number = find(x(6,:)); % <-- search the 6th row only
    However, why didn't the "col" variable in your attempt work for you? It would give the same result as the above.