MATLAB: How to freeze specific function with a view mode in a GUI

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I have created a GUI that I use plot data, select sections and process selections. Later I look at the processed data and notice occurrences that need further evaluation. I would like to be able to put my GUI into a view mode with the press of a button that disables a few functions, primarily the function that saves the processed data. Is there a way to write a function that disables other functions from use?

Best Answer

  • set(AnAppropriateHandle, 'enable', 'off')
    and later
    set(AnAppropriateHandle, 'enable', 'on')
    Side note: 'enable' can also take on the value 'disable' in some cases. If you have a uicontrol() of style 'edit' then if you set its 'enable' property to 'disable' then the field will become not editable but it will still be scrollable and will not be dimmed. This is a way to create a scrollable read-only text area. If you were to set 'enable' to 'off' then the area would be dimmed and it would not be possible to scroll it.