MATLAB: How to generate below matrix

distance adjustment matrix

Matrix for one particular problem is shown below. But the position of coefficients may vary according to observations. How to start, please tell.

Best Answer

  • Lets be serious here. You want to learn to create a general matrix, with elements in various places, that may, or may not, be where you indicate in the fuzzy picture.
    So you need to learn to use MATLAB. After all, that is what MATLAB is about, matrices. But you don't know anything about MATLAB as far as we can tell. So you need to read the getting started tutorials. Do that FIRST. There you will learn to do things like how to create a matrix of zeros, thus most of your array. There you will learn about how to assign elements to a matrix, which is basically the rest of your question.
    At some point, when you learn enough about MATLAB, you might learn to use tools like sparse, sub2ind, accumarray.
    We are not told what the elements in this general array you show are. Are they symbolic? Numeric? Who knows? Only you. But that just means that you are the one who needs to learn MATLAB. We are not even told which toolboxes you have.
    Basically, read the manual, as that will teach you everything you need to know. And since we have no idea how much you know already, for us to retype the entire manual is vastly more effort than anyone could do here.