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I am trying to use diary() to save unit test output in plain text files for later checking. The output is pretty hard to read, though, because of embedded markup. For example:
--> Failure table:
<strong>Index</strong><strong> Actual </strong><strong> Expected</strong><strong> Error </strong><strong> RelativeError</strong><strong> AbsoluteTolerance</strong><strong> RelativeTolerance</strong>
<strong>_____</strong> <strong>________</strong> <strong>________</strong> <strong>________</strong> <strong>_____________</strong> <strong>_________________</strong> <strong>_________________</strong>
3 1.704375 1.5 0.204375 0.13625 0.005 0.005
Is there some way to turn off this markup, or some more convenient way to save unit test output to a file that I can read in a plain-text editor? I'd like to get the same output that is produced by copying and pasting from the command window, which looks like this (but of course I want to get it programmatically):
--> Failure table:
Index Actual Expected Error RelativeError AbsoluteTolerance RelativeTolerance
_____ ________ ________ ________ _____________ _________________ _________________
3 1.704375 1.5 0.204375 0.13625 0.005 0.005

Best Answer

  • You appear to be using the Testing Framework.
    When I chase through the code, it looks to me as if there underlying code deliberately carries around two versions of the text, one with rich text / hyperlinking, and one without.
    I did not manage to quite follow how which one gets chosen in toolbox/matlab/testframework/unittest/core/+matlab/+unittest/+internal/+diagnostics/TableDiagnostic.m -- I suspect it might be an implicit get() that is activating the choice.
    The relevant code makes use of the built-in matlab.unittest.internal.richFormattingSupported which is undocumented and cannot be looked at.
    I speculate that you might be able to turn off the formatting by starting MATLAB with -nodesktop or perhaps even -nojvm .