MATLAB: How to get rid of 3D coordinate system symbol/object from pdegplot output.

importimportgeometryPartial Differential Equation Toolboxpdegplot

I need to import and plot a few .stl models in a single figure. I am able to do so using pdegplot and hold on commands
model = createpde;
importGeometry(model,'./FullModelBase2.stl'); % binary model files available in attached zipped folder
hold on;
model2 = createpde;
importGeometry(model2,'./FullModelBase1.stl');% binary model file
pdegplot(model2,'FaceLabels','off'); hold off;
but with each plot the basis of 3D coordinate system is also displayed as shown in figure. Laborius and difficult way is to delete them by manual selection and delete key. I am not able to find any property name associated with it, which can be used in script to automate this task. Is there any alternate way to do so? I have attached the zip file containing .stl files that can be used to try.

Best Answer

  • b=findobj(gca,'Type','Quiver');
    Now b has the property of both Quiver. set there visibilty to off or whatever you want (use set for that purpose)
    It still has the text x y z
    But it will also remove any other text type you have in figure. so
    will give you object with string equal to x or y or z