MATLAB: How to implement a DC current source in SimPowerSystems

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I would like to implement a DC current source in SimPowerSystems. The documentation of the AC Current Source block states the following:
A zero frequency specifies a DC current source.
However, when I insert an AC Current Source block and set the frequency to 0 Hz, the output current is always 0 A, regardless of what I enter as the peak amplitude.

Best Answer

  • This bug has been fixed in Release 14 Service Pack 2 (R14SP2). For previous releases, please read below for any possible workarounds:
    You can implement a DC Current Source in SimPowerSystems in one of two ways:
    1. Insert an AC Current Source block into your model
    Set the Peak Amplitude parameter to the DC current and set the phase to either 90 degrees or -90 degrees, depending on the direction you want current to flow.
    A reference to this can be found in the following link (AC Current Source-> Description)-
    2. Insert a Controlled Current Source block into your model
    Change the Source type parameter to DC and connect the input port with a Constant block that contains the value of the DC current.