MATLAB: How to include datasets of both velocity as acceleration

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Good afternoon all,
From a big dataset of both the velocity as the time – for explanational purposes, lets say:
v = [v1, v2, v3, v4]
t = [t1, t2, t3, t4]
I require the acceleration. By differentiating in the common way, we will obtain the following dataset for the acceleration:
a = diff(v)/diff(t) % = [a1 a2 a3]
Now I got a dynamic equation where the function has variables of both the velocity, time AND acceleration. That is f(a,v,t).
However, the vector dimensions are unequal. How should I proceed? Is it possible to shift the accelerations by +/- 0.5 seconds (how in earth?) such that the acceleration is measured in the correct point. Then I could remove the first or last set of the dataset of 'v' and 't', such that the datasets align in lenghts? Or how would you guys proceed?

Best Answer

  • Use gradient to keep the vector length equal
    a = gradient(v)./gradient(t)
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