MATLAB: How to incorporate a user input variable as part of a variable name

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I am currently writing code that automates radiographic measurements from a point cloud generated by 3D reconstruction software. Currently the files are saved as [patient initials]_left_rib_1.txt with the number changing for each rib point cloud. The code inputs the txt files and processes the data, recording measurements and outputting various graphs.
Ex: JH_left_rib_1.txt JH_left_rib_2.txt …
What I would like to do write a function where the user input is the specific patient's initials. Thus, the specific files that the code imports would be dictated by the user input.
Ex: import_txt('XY')
Then the XY would be used as the initials section of the files called by the program…
importdata('xy'_left_ribs_1.txt) … etc.
Is this possible? Is there a better way around this? The idea is that I could run my code on several patients and this would bypass the need to create input m file for each patient, specifying each patient's initials for each turn.

Best Answer

  • You can just concatenate the strings: