MATLAB: How to input multiple items given a prompt


So far I only have worked with prompts giving one numerical response. (For example, input number: 10). That's it. Right now, I want to work with multiple inputs in a prompt, store them, and use them later. For example:
Enter your favourite numbers: 10, 25, 34 (maybe more than this, or even less than this).
Please let me know how to do this.

Best Answer

  • You can input whatever you wish at the prompt as long as it's a valid ML expression.
    >> input('?')
    ?[2, pi, sqrt(10)]
    ans =
    2.0000 3.1416 3.1623
    Of course, you need to give your users a clue as to what it is you're expecting from them! :)
    And also be prepared to handle whatever it is they give you.
    There are other input options besides just input to give more control over the interaction.
    Look at inputdlg for example.