MATLAB: How to leverage an existing attribute for a required attribute by MathWorks


I am editing my Identity Management System in order to release the necessary attributes to MathWorks. However, I am using different attributes than the ones required by MathWorks. How could I use my attributes for MathWorks?

Best Answer

  • In order to use your attributes for the ones required by MathWorks, you will have to send/copy your attributes to these required ones.
    To do so, we have gathered some articles describing the steps you could follow depending on the type of Identity Management Installation you are using:
    If you have a SimpleSAMLphp Identity Management System, you will find an example below:
    "How to add eduPersonScopedAffiliation based on eduPersonAffiliation and eduPersonPrincipalName?"
    If you are running on a version below Shibboleth V3.4 you can use the <Dependency> element to reference to any other of your attributes.
    If you are using Shibboleth V3.4 or above, <Dependency> has been replaced by <InputDataConnector>. More information about its usage on this page:
    Find more information on how to configure your attribute-resolver.xml on this page: