MATLAB: How to load images to a USRP N200 r4 using matlab

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I am trying to setup a USRP to work with matlab and cannot figure out how to load images needed for setup. Only the following input arguments work with the 'sdruload()' command. The USRP that I am trying to use is the fourth revision (n200_r4).
Device — USRP® radio
USRP2 | n200_r2 | n200_r3 | n210_r2 | n210_r3 | n210_r4 | x300 | x310 If you enter an invalid device, the error message returned by MATLAB® will list the correct options. If you enter an incorrect value for your device, the error message returned by MATLAB will list the correct device name or suggest you connect another device.

Best Answer

  • You can use the following MATLAB commands to load the default FPGA image for N-series (including N200 revision 4), assuming that your radio's IP address is
    MATLAB R2015b: >> call_uhd_app('usrp_n2xx_simple_net_burner','--addr','-echo')
    MATLAB R2016a: >> call_uhd_app('uhd_image_loader','--args=addr=,type=usrp2','-echo')