MATLAB: How to load library without using mingw64 complier

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Hi, I have created a cpp file which includes many functions that I want to use. Then I compiled this file with mingw64, which is recommended by MATLAB, to get mexw64 file. After that, I used loadlibrary function to load my header file to MATLAB and then I can use function to call my C functions. This is working and everything is great. In conclusion, I can call my functions with only .m file, .h file and .mexw64 file. However, I want to call my C functions without downloading mingw64 compiler. The problem is that I cannot use loadlibrary function without mingw64 compiler. Besides, I find that mexw64 file can be called without mingw64 compiler but I only find examples about calling mexw64 file containing only one function.
Can I load my library without using loadlibrary function to avoid using mingw64 compiler? Or can I call my mexw64 file and call each function in it? Thanks a lot.

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