MATLAB: How to make a (2^m x m) dimensional matrix containing all possible combinations of 1s and 0s

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I need to make an n x m matrix with arbitrary m such that n is the number of possible ways to write a m length vector of 1s and 0s (2^m). Example: if m=2, n=4 meaning I have: [1 0], [0 1], [0,0], and [1,1] and can construct the matrix [1 0;0 1;0 0;1 1].
I can not figure out the code to scale this up to higher m in the case where I may have m=3,4,5… and n becomes too large to enter manually. I want to be able to automatically generate the same kind of matrix for any value of m.
This is the Rstudio code someone gave me but I can't translate it:
for(j in 1:m) S <- cbind(S,rep(c(1,0),each=2^(m-j),times=2^(j-1)))
Any help would be much appreciated!
Thank you!

Best Answer

  • The lazy way
    result = dec2bin(0:2^m-1,m)-'0'