MATLAB: How to make figure appear within defined axes of guide


Ok, so I have read many posts on this subject, but I cannot figure out how to make it work in my case. I use a NI device to collect data and want to use Guide to make a control panel for this. So I have created a session within guide and defined all the parameters. I included a listener as follows:
handles.lh = handles.s.addlistener('DataAvailable',@(src,event) SaveDataNIDevice(src,event,handles));
Within SaveDatNIDevice function I use a plot command to plot the data. This works well with the exception that a new figure is created to plot the data. I want to have this figure within axes defined in Guide figure. How do I do this?

Best Answer

  • plot(hAxes, WHATEVER you were plotting before)
    This will force plot to use the axes refered to by the handle hAxes.