MATLAB: How to make solve() return a purely symbolic output

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I'm using the live editor and want to format my live script in the following way:
Introduce some measurements like:
syms temp1 temp2 mass1 mass2
assign the values of the measurements:
temp1 = 240 %Kelvin

temp2 = 250 %Kelvin
Then I want to introduce a formula and solve it for the unknown symbolically and also present it symbolically.
But now the solve() funktion gets in the way by already substituting the values of temp1 und temp2.
mass1 = solve( temp1/temp2*mass2+mass1 == 0 , mass1) %formula
Is there a way to prevent that?
Thanks a lot.

Best Answer

  • No there is no way to prevent it. You have to not assign values to the variables if you do not want the values used.